Current Position

Assistant Professor (Ricercatore a Tempo Determinato Senior - RTD-B), Politecnico di Milano, Milano, ITALY

Visiting Researcher, Umeå University, Umeå, SWEDEN

Research Interests

Research in adaptation and automatic learned adaptive systems. Focus on energy efficiency and sustainability of service-oriented applications in data centers and clouds. Interest in mining information from data collected through monitoring.

Green IS Inf. Sys. Monitoring DaaS in Fog
Energy-efficiency aware Information Systems. Detect undesired situations and select proper repair action using an adaptive decision system Enable monitorability of applications. Discover hidden relations between monitoring data. Build prediction models. Apply techniques to reduce the volume of monitoring data Move computation and/or data nearer to the users to improve Data Utility (QoS and Data Quality). Support the selection of the most suitable data source and manage data and computation movement for SLA satisfaction
Processes in IoT Big Data Quality Serverless in Fog
Discover the relationship between business process execution and data generated by IoT sensors. Improve the cooperation between business processes Context-aware assessment of data quality for Big Data. Definition of new metrics and new techniques for assessing data quality with Big Data and limited time Improving energy efficiency and quality of service of serverless applications and FaaS scenarios in heterogeneous fog environments