Politecnico di Milano
Ph.D. in Information Technology

Thesis title: “Measuring and Improving Energy Efficiency of a Data Center in a Self-Adaptive Context”
Principal subjects: Adaptive Systems, Service Oriented Architectures, Green IT, Machine Learning

Visiting Ph.D. Student

Supported by the Rocca Foundation scholarship.
Study about machine learning techniques for Bayesian Networks automatic learning and probabilistic operator selection.

Università di Palermo
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Thesis Title: “Genetic Programming in Multi-Agent Systems: an Application”
Grade: First-Class Honors
Principal Subjects: Object Oriented Programming Languages, Network Protocols, Digital Image Processing, Data Base, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

Master of Science in Computer Engineering for Intelligent Systems

Thesis title: “Study of an Agent Model based on the genetic metaphor”
Grade: First-Class Honors
Principal subjects: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Digital Image Processing, Cryptography and Network Security, Complexity Theory, Quantum Computing